Books that leave translators

We want to start our new series on literary translation with a collection of titles that they won’t of translation studies, or for comparative or linguistic grammar applied to the translator cause, we don’t even want to bring books written by fellow translators, there are many and very good; We want to present to you our collection ofbooks whose argument in the figure of the professional translation plays an important role as a character.

On occasions, we have had the luck of translating literary texts, we have felt the temptation to amend the original text, improve it and give our personal touch, sometimes got to share this point of view with the author but normally not be us grants this wish and condemns us to write what someone else has previously composed in our native language for an audience that, quite possibly, we know much better than the original writer and, therefore, in the shade we know well what they expected and you want to enjoy a good novel. Not to mention the equipment of literary translators, in which all work on the novel and only the leader of the group signed the translation.

Of course, we don’t want to incite any companion to betraying the author and a book B which has little or nothing to do with the original version, but yes, we recommend you get even with the reading of a short novel that could well carry the subtitle of «Sweet revenge» .

Books that leave translators: the blacks of the translator

We talk about the blacks of the translator another profession companion called Claude Bleton, the Spanish translator into French of authors such as Juan Marsé , Carmen Martín Gaiteand Antonio Muñoz Molina. In his work, Bleton turns the tide and with a large load of humor, cynicism, persecution, deaths and all the elements of a good detective work, presents the hypothetical case of a translator (Aaron Janvier) who writes wonderful works in French and which forces famous writers of the time signing as the original authors and write the same thing that the protagonist has created in the language in which the work is to be sold as translation, without putting any kind of condition.